Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Please Wait...

Just thought I should post something to justify my long inactivity! Well these have been hard times with quite a rough sea for those who seek employment flying some kind of aircraft. Due to those hard times and the continuous "not interested" and "not hiring" catch phrases one has lost his desire and happiness to pass on the great flying experiences one has had. Well, to be truthful I have hardly had much flying adventures (still I had a few worth mentioning)... But the lack of imagination and resilience have made me drift away from the blog. Anyway,... I assure you guys I have not left the blog and I will surely post some more of my adventures in the near future, just let these bad times fade away and better days will come with much more stories to share with you guys.

So, as the title says please wait just a little bit longer and stay with me for I guarantee you some nice stories will come in the (near) future!

Thanks for keeping the bookmark on my blog!