Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pilot For Hire

Dear Readers,
I have decided to start this blog a few months ago, before I even have finished my commercial pilot course back in 2008, but only now I have felt the real need of creating a nice place on the net where I could share my ideas with other bloggers, pilots and aviation enthusiasts. After serious thinking and lots of courage (yes, courage... I must admit I am the worst writer in the whole world) I decided to create this space and call it Before going into details about the time of the blog I must first introduce myself to all of you who might come wandering around this way.
I am a new, low hour, low experience, recently graduated pilot who's wings have been received no more than 6 months ago. I currently live in Lisbon- Portugal and since I've finished my ATPL (Air Transport Pilot License) Integrated Course I have been struggling to get a job anywhere in the aviation business, flying anything, from a small Cessna to a big Jet. Since then I have not succeeded and have felt for more than once frustration, disappointment and have constantly had excessive free time. In order to try and reduce my free time and share all the failures, or possible future achievements, but above all share my flying "adventures" I have decided to create this blog.
Once the blog idea was on the roll, the name problem struck me,... but not for long... After a 5 second thinking marathon the simple and most obvious idea came to me! "Let me see, low hour pilot, NO JOB..., aviation related name?..." The name popped out,... "what about pilotforhire?".
And there it was, 10 seconds more had passed and the blog had come to life. As simple as this! Now, the next, much harder task: Keeping the blog alive!
For all of you who might come in contact with this blog, on purpose or accidentaly,

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