Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Departure Gets Delayed

Dear Followers, as I mentioned on my last post we were supposed to leave on the 2Nd of September but due to some paperwork delays from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) one of my friends' Visa has been put on hold until that document comes through. So, since we have to wait for his Visa, a delay on the departure date will be required! Till when? Still don't know, but we are expecting to depart no later than next week's end. As soon as I have new details on the departure date I will let you know. For now, since I'm ready to go, I'll seat and wait, wait, wait...


Csanad Paszka said...

Keep up buddy! The right attitude will fly us into that much desired position...

I linked you to my blog!


João Sales said...

Thank You Csanad for your nice words! Hope you keep on following my posts and thanks for that link ;)

As always, I'm following yours all the time!

Keep on flying and posting,