Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aircraft I've Flown - New Addition

After all those aircraft described on the other post I've recently flown another one, an "old lady" with more then twice my age. I'm talking about a Morane Saulnier MS 880 Rallye with 100bhp. I've had the chance of flying such aircraft for 3 times now since it was bought by a friend of mine last year. The aircraft flyes smoothly and apart from lacking advanced navigation instruments it is a very nice machine to fly low and slow with the sunset on your back. The interior has been refurbished and the engine overhauled, its registration is D-EPOR and it is based at Évora Aerodrome (LPEV).
Since I do not have photos of the aircraft I've decided to post a photo of another MS880 Rallye. (Note this one is a Rallye Club, but they are quite similar)
1. Morane Saulnier MS-880 Rallye Club.
By the way, the black and white seemed appropriate since this lady is from a much classic era.
After this new addition, you now can see all the planes i've flown.
Hope you like it!
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