Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hour Building, a Way to Increase Your Flight Time...

Hour building programmes are a common thing for low hour pilots who want to increase their flying hours quickly, while paying for it. This is mostly found in the United States, where general aviation is far more developed and cheaper than the European light aviation. Since a pilot needs something from 300 to 500 flying hours to land his first job in aviation and jump the barrier of "Paying to Fly" to the side of "Getting Payed to Fly" but the ATPL Courses include only 150 to 200 hours of flying one must get the remaining hours by flying on his own.

Naturally this is my case, I am missing a couple of hours to start looking for a job in the aviation business and since I've been unemployed for almost 8 months I feel the timing is right to start doing something about it.

So, the questions are, how many hours shall I do? Where shall I do them? and In which aircraft? I've been studying the situation and hopefully will come with a solution in the following days! Then, I will let you know!

Meanwhile, I've sent a letter to the FAA to convert my European CPL(A) licence into an American PPL(A) licence so I can fly in the USA. The answer as already came through a letter allowing me to go to the USA for an interview in Orlando to deal with the paperwork! Sweet!...

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