Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Dream Comes True

Today's a very special day! One of my great friends and once an instructor of mine has reached his goal and greatest dream. He has made it through the Line Training of an Airbus flying for TAP Portugal, the flagship carrier of Portugal. Valter, my friend, has become the latest and most recent TAP pilot having completed his exam today on an Airbus A321 flying the Lisbon-Amesterdam-Lisbon route at the age of 23.
This post is dedicated to him and all of those who sometimes along the way have second thoughts and doubts while walking the stair towards landing that much desired job flying the big jets. Valter was able to get it and since that made me quite happy (probably as much as him!) I decided to post this up to let you all know it is not impossible, just difficult, but certainly most rewarding!
Back in the days, when we were flying the Seneca. Valter is the one on the left, the instructor.
Valter, keep up the good work!

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Csanad Paszka said...

Congratulations from me, too!
Just remember to always keep on going!