Saturday, September 12, 2009

Status: Established in Orlando

To all of you wanting to know my status I decided to make this small post, just to keep you up to date. We've landed in Orlando at 18.35 after a 9.30 hour flight from Frankfurt. After clearing imigration and customs and collecting the bags we went to the car rental facilities to get us a car. After getting the car and loading it with all the baggage we got on the road for a 10 minute drive to the hotel, where we currently are. The weather is tropical style with thunderstorms and light rain forecasted for the next days! This is only to let you know how things are going, if you happen to be a friend of mine in facebook I have shared a few photos on my profile, just go there and take a look. Those of you who are not my friends just don't panic, I'll post a big message later on to let you know about the journey from Lisbon and the first impressions and photos!

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