Thursday, October 15, 2009

The African Success

This post is coming a little late in time but it is a thing I decided to do a few weeks ago and only now had the time and "inspiration"(?).
After more than 9 months struggling to start flying a great friend of mine finally made it to the right side of a big turbine driven aircraft. João Ribeiro (pictured below) got is first aviation job flying an Embraer 120 Brasilia for Air26 in Angola, Africa. He made the Type Rating for the aircraft 8 months ago and after half year of endless paperwork and hard times getting the licenses ready he flew his first commercial flight in Angola. Meanwhile he jumpseated and enjoyed himself around Luanda but now the work has begun and he is doing what he loves the most, flying for real! Furthermore he is flying in one of the most interesting and richest places in the world, Africa, that is why he has a website where one might learn about his adventures:
João flying the Embraer 120.
João, I seriously hope you enjoy yourself and get the best out of it, just like Valter and only a few more, you deserve it! Once again, as you guys make it through the tough aviation business you give the others strength to continue!
I hope for the best and wish him the greatest success one can get!

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