Friday, October 16, 2009

The Journey of a Lifetime

This is a post for those who really love aviation and the freedom of it! I came across one of the best photoblogs I've seen almost a year ago and since then I've changed my way of seeing aviation. Probably you already know this blog since it is quite well known and/or maybe because I've given almost all my pilot friends the link. This is the blog of an american pilot which left to Alaska to fly his Piper Cub for a few months on the wilderness and unexplored terrains of North America, without any assistance, prepared route or goal. The sole objective was to fly freely, just by feeling, having the freedom and peace of mind one can get on the far most remote places of earth. The pictures you will find are breathtaking and will make you wanna live the very next second to go and feel the thrill of flying for pleasure. For those who enjoy nature and wildlife this is a must see, for those who love aviation, well... I think you will be quite impressed.
Unfortunately Shaun Lunt died when his aircraft crashed while he was circling at low level watching some whales. That must be the saddest end one could have, still he might have had the ride of his life and it is a pleasure and honor he could share all the great moments pictured in the blog with us. I wish one day I could experience even half the joy or freedom he must have felt while exploring Alaska.

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